Use Cases

These are just a few examples of apps that integrate directly into POS systems, made possible by the Omnivore API.
Screenshot of a Mobile App that could be built with Omnivore

Mobile Ordering

Mobile ordering is becoming essential for restaurants. Integrating with the POS means your mobile app will always be consistent with the menu at the restaurant. Omnivore's real-time request capabilities ensure item availability and prices are always correct.

POS integration also means waiters don't have to re-enter orders — a ticket is opened directly on the POS for each order. Your app can use the POS's payment gateway, so all payments are unified and accurate.

Hypothetical tableside ordering app with POS integration


Omnivore extends the POS to the cloud, so you can create apps that integrate with the POS's payment gateway. This could be a tablet on the restaurant table, a delivery person's mobile phone, or even the patron's phone when they're done with dinner.

Omnivore is secure and accessible anywhere there's an internet connection. Split the bill among multiple payment types and multiple people. Ticket data comes directly from the POS, so the payment app will always have the correct balance.

Screenshot of analytics that pulls data from POS

Real-Time Analytics

Create web and mobile apps that track sales as they happen. The Omnivore platform allows real-time analytics by querying the POS on demand.

Visualize trends from any data on a ticket, and aggregate data across multiple locations and POS brands. Create real-time mobile apps, like dashboards for managers, to track sales and staff performance from any device with a browser.

Example of a possible restaurant gifting application


Gifting applications allow customers to promote their favorite restaurants and increases loyalty. Omnivore allows gifting apps to integrate with the POS, open tickets and accept the gifts as a "3rd party payment".

Real-time query capabilities means gift prices are always correct and items are verified available. Omnivore also supports custom tender types that allow the app to use multiple payment methods while still being integrated with the POS.

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