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+ $25 / location + $25 / location + $25 / location
per month per month per month
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Custom POS Configuration $150 / hour 3 hours / month 6 hours / month
Guaranteed Email Response Time 12 hours 8 hours 4 hours
Guaranteed Callback Time 8 hours 4 hours
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Pricings FAQs

What does "per location per month" mean?

We charge a flat $25 fee for every application-to-location connection. So, for example:

  • If you have 1 application that connects to 4 restaurants: $100/month
  • If you have 2 applications that both connect to 4 restaurants each: $200/month

What is a "location"?

A location is our terminology for an individual restaurant connected to Omnivore.

What if I'm not using a location?

Every application-to-location connection contributes to your bill, even if no API calls were made from an application to a given location in a month.

What about development locations?

Locations used for development do not contribute to your bill. However, real restaurants cannot be used for development, and accounts with only development locations must still select a plan after the trial period expires.

Are there transaction fees for Omnivore?

No. Omnivore has no transaction fees, and we don't take a cut of payments made through the API.

Are there "Enterprise" support plans?

Yes. We will gladly discuss more intensive support options with you.

What if the restaurant has multiple terminals?

You still only pay for the single location, regardless of how many terminals are connected to the POS.

What about multitenant POS deployments?

Some POS systems support multiple restaurants with a single deployment, like in hotels, airports, casinos, and resorts. In these cases, each individual restaurant is a separate location in Omnivore.

Are there discounts for long term contracts?

Not at this time, but we would be happy to discuss this as an option.

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