Getting Started

Point of sale integration doesn't have to be painful. Follow these steps to get started with Omnivore.

1. Sign Up and Create Locations

When you log in to our control panel, you'll find a virtual POS ready to use. This is a simulated POS system loaded with example orders, menus, and more, so you can begin exploring our API immediately.

When you're ready for a real restaurant, create a location within our control panel and add your application. This gives you an activation ID that ties the physical restaurant to your API endpoints. Once online, you can monitor this location's health, experiment with a live console, and watch real-time activity.

2. Install the Omnivore Agent on POS

The restaurant's POS server is typically installed in the manager's office, often called the "back of house machine" — install the Omnivore "agent" on this PC. It takes about 2 minutes. In most cases you'll just enter the activation ID and click Next, Next, Next...

Installation can be done physically at the POS, via remote desktop, or ideally, by the restaurant manager.

We currently support:

  • Micros 3700 versions: RES4/RES5
  • Micros Simphony versions: 1.6+
  • NCR Aloha TS & QS versions: 5.1+
  • POSitouch versions: 5.36/6.36+
  • Agilysys InfoGenesis 4.4.0+
  • Dinerware 3.0+

3. Access the POS in real-time

You now have API access to the POS! You have a real-time view of its data and you can do virtually anything the POS can do — pay tickets, get menus, get sales data, view employees, etc.

Our API documentation details every GET, POST and DELETE available. We also have code examples in Python, Ruby, Objective-C, Java, and PHP. We've tried to make our API as RESTful as possible so it's easy to use and follow.

Have fun and let us know how we can help!

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